April 19, 2016

our latest Artist in Casa - Antonio Riello

Italian artist Antonio Riello took time from his London studio and international gallery and museum exhibitions to work from UXUA last March, delivering a composition titled “AFTER ROSSEAU (LE DOUANIER)”. More on Antonio and his artistic residency, as well as the previous six UXUA Artist in Casa participants here.

Background on Artist in Casa

Trancoso. What makes it "Trancoso"? In fact its a rare combination of ingredients. Natural beauty, historic preservation, human warmth and tradition, tranquility, authenticity, all merging to create a sense of place which can't help but inspire those who visit.

We love to see that inspiration find a creative outlet, for spontaneous art to be produced from it. That's how UXUA Artist in Casa initiative was born.

Artist in Casa residencies are the definition of a 'loose' collaboration - the only parameters given are for participants to live a period at UXUA, getting to know us and the world of Trancoso around us, and produce something inspired by the experience.

There's no judge or jury or prize, only art, and the joy of collaboration in a tranquil, remote little paradise which we at UXUA are fortunate enough to call our home.