June 19, 2015

Traditional Bazaar honoring Dona Glória

Quermesse, a kind of bazaar, are held in Trancoso each year during the June festivals connected to the Catholic church. They include delicacies, local drinks, sweepstake, games with prizes.

Our neighbors at the Casa da Gloria have organized a benefit for the nursery Happy Child in honor of Dona Gloria, who passed away in 2011. The children will dance and perform and everyone in the community is welcome.

All of Trancoso still talks about Maria da Glória Teixeira da Conceição, better known as Dona da Glória. Born June 26, 1945, she lived her entire life in Trancoso and raised a vibrant family from her house on the Quadrado.

She was well-known as a mid-wife, delivering many of Trancoso’s children, and also for her skills as a natural healer. Her garden contained many herbs and spices she used for healing as well as cooking, and she was acclaimed for the typical Bahian dishes she served generously to family, friends, and at times even strangers. In 2004 Glória was one of the first friends the founders of UXUA made in Trancoso, being welcomed frequently in her home for coffee and friendly conversation, and eventually becoming her neighbor and celebrating Christmas dinners and countless birthdays and anniversaries at her table.

UXUA has honored Dona da Glória by naming one of its casas the Quintal da Glória (Glória’s Garden). Glória’s taught us so much about hospitality and how to make people feel welcome, she’ll never be forgotten by anyone at the hotel.

Her memory lives on with her seven surviving children, some of the best Bahian cooks in the world: Baiana, Nelly, Nanda, Duda, Som, Careca, and Nando.