June 29, 2015

Festival of the Fisherman

Despite a bit of tropical rain, nothing could dampen the mood of unity and pride of the native fishermen of Trancoso during their recent celebrations on Trancoso’s Praia Coqueiros (Coconut beach).

It was the 2nd year such the event was organized by the Fisherman’s Association of Trancoso, which UXUA is proud to support.

The day included a reunion of current and former fishermen with their families and presentation of a teaching program for local youth, spreading knowledge and interest in this traditional trade. The day was also packed with native music and presentations, plus games for children led by local teachers. And of course food!

Festivities actually started at 8 am with a mass for St. Peter, the patron saint of fishermen, at the Igreja de São João Batista (the 2nd oldest church in Brazil), followed by a procession through the historic town square down to the Coqueiros beach.

Its here that fishermen hope to create for themselves a cultural center at the historic gathering spot for fishing boats. UXUA is helping in these efforts not only through fundraising but also activism to lobby for the fisherman's cause.