September 19, 2015

Giving love to Trancoso's beaches

Today dozens of volunteers, including many from the UXUA team with their families, dedicated themselves to maintaining the system of ecologically correct trash collection along all of Trancoso's beaches.

Trancoso has always been a place where natives appreciate not only their perfectly-preserved historic town center, but also their pristine beaches extending endlessly in either direction up and down the coast. A movement of grassroots environmentalism arrived with hippies settling here in the 1970's who combined forces with locals to close the town center from automobile traffic and block all major development on the beachfront.

UXUA participated in today's event, referred to simply as 'Projeto Praia Limpa" (Project Clean Beach), together with the wonderful organization Sociedade Amigos de Trancoso (Friends of Trancoso Society). The day's activities began with a lecture at UXUA Praia Bar and ended with refreshments there. UXUA's special commitment to preservation of the Atlantic mangrove, with our rowboats navigating the area daily since 2008, carefully clearing debri and protecting the tidal flow, makes us a natural partner in these efforts.

Thanks to all who participated, this civic pride and energy is why Trancoso remains a truly special place.