May 08, 2015

Somebody Loves You

Somebody Loves You was a popular man in Trancoso, as his nickname might indicate (few seem to have known his actual name in fact, only this affectionate nickname). He was curious and loved diversity, and was said to be the only one in the region who ever attempted making a written dictionary of the local Pataxó Indian dialect. Somebody Loves You was also a spectacular forro dancer, and the local girls lined up to take turns Friday evenings dancing with him.

He died last year, and in his memory UXUA's waiters have shared his nickname with their newly adopted orphan hummingbird, who recently has made a home in the flowers of the UXUA Quadrado restaurant. Both Somebody Loves You, the original and the bird, seem to make friends easily, love attention, and be perfectly content to spend their hours enjoying the relaxing rhythm of life on the town square. Total Trancoso originals.