October 28, 2015

Trancoso's youth orchestra

Few expect a tiny, sleepy Bahian fishing village like Trancoso to have a vibrant classical music scene or a large youth orchestra. Yet at a recent evening in the intimate setting of the 500-year-old São João Batista church, baroque classics filled the air performed by more than 50 young musicians.

The Instituto Trancoso was founded in 2010 by one of the town's philanthropists, Sandra Habib, offering the educational standards of math, science, and languages, but also cultural programs. A classical music course was created in 2011 in partnership with NEOJIBA (Regional Cores Of Bahian Juvenile and Infantile Orchestras).

Every two months the Instituto Trancoso's orchestra performs concerts at the church open for the public.

The composition played on this night was the Saint Paul Suite by Gustav Holst, performed in 4 movements and conducted by the maestro Marcos Rangel, who has been lovingly guiding the Instituto's music program for more than 1 year.

Bahians love music, and no-one attending these concerts can avoid being genuinely touched by the 50 students playing with such passion in Trancoso's most symbolic place, where proud parents and tourists both erupt in applause after (and often spontaneously in-between) every movement.

These concerts offer a unique emotional experience, seeing parents with tears in their eyes and the proud Maestro who together with other teachers have made a wonderful music program which in just a few years has been able to form many skilled (and even a couple exceptional) musicians.

Special applause on this night went to those students who are graduating from the school and were the firsts to be part of the music program five years ago.

Selection: Saint Paul suite, concert for 2 violins in D minor by Gustav Holst

Conductor: Maestro Marcos Rangel

Performed by: 50 students of the Orchestra of the Instituto Trancoso

Occasion: bi-monthly concert for the public in the São João Batista church

Next concert: November