UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa

“UXUA’s casas redefine sustainable style”

Elle, USA


UXUA was born of a love of Trancoso; the hotel’s founding mission has been to contribute to the town’s preservation and beauty. Some examples of our commitment:


• Capoeira – since 2008 UXUA pays the salary of a professor at Capoeira Sul Da Bahia academy so local children may study free-of-charge this traditional Afro-Brasilian sport.

• Festivals –  historic celebrations are vital to Trancoso’s identity and UXUA supports them throughout the year. UXUA creator Wilbert Das was honored in 2011 when he was nominated festeiro (honorary host) of the town’s oldest and most important religious festival, the Festa de São Brás.

A DOCUMENTARY FILM about the festival was made by UXUA with Brasilian director Cisma and features some of the most loved members of Trancoso’s native community, including famed midwife and healer Dona da Glória, who passed away in August 2011 soon after completion of the film.


• Atlantic Mangrove - the hotel finances 100% of a program dedicated to maintaining the delicate ecosystem of Atlantic mangrove running behind Trancoso’s beaches.

• Bridge Restoration – in December 2012 UXUA’s carpenters used reclaimed wood to rebuild historic bridges giving fisherman and visitors access to the sea.

• Reforestation Programs – UXUA supports The Nature Conservancy’s Plant A Billion Trees Project for reforesting portions of Bahia’s Atlantic rainforest.


• Organic Farming – UXUA has reintroduced traditional organic farming into Trancoso’s town center.

• Fisherman’s Collective – native fisherman using traditional techniques were aided by UXUA to register as a collective, improving the economic viability of this industry.

• Organic Cosmetics – UXUA works with local native healers and Pataxó indians to make a range of 100% organic soaps, massage oils, facial cream, and insect repellent.


UXUA grants benefits to its 50 staff which are extraordinary for southern Bahia, including revenue-sharing, healthcare, and education (a school is operated within the hotel in an innovative partnership with the local school system).


UXUA enthusiastically endorses private education initiatives in Trancoso led by philanthropists who are dramatically improving the quality of life for local families, such as the Istituto SHC. We invite our guests and partners interested in making a positive impact in Bahia to direct contributions to these schools.