UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa
UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa
UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa
UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa

“The most perfect place imaginable for several weeks of inspirational relaxation”

Taschen, Germany

UXUA’s Almescar Spa is about the luxury of local.

With our location at the edge of the Atlantic rainforest, where jungle meets sea in an oasis of well-preserved mangrove, the spectacular biodiversity, rich traditions of native Pataxó Indians, African slaves, and hippies of the 1970’s all combine to influence our exclusive range of spa treatments and products.

Almsescar trees – indigenous only to Southern Bahia and the Amazon – provide our signature ingredient. With its restorative qualities and alluring musky scent, almescar is that most elusive element allowing for truly authentic and effective organic treatments.

Other ingredients of our hand-made range of spa products include 100% virgin coconut oil, shea butter, Brazil nuts, pitanga and assorted fruits, pink pepper seeds, fresh palm oil, and dark cocoa grown in our own gardens.

From November 2012 UXUA’s spa offers Bahia’s first vichy treatment suite, featuring five water jets flowing from carved eucalyptus trunks in a tropical wet room with views over treetops, making full-body masks and organic oil treatments a true indulgence.

Some of our signature therapies:

  • Relaxing Almescar Oil Massage
  • Moonbath Pre-Sun Body Scrub and Hydrating Massage (in vichy treatment suite, with fresh coconut or passion fruit)
  • After-Sun Skin Repair with Fresh Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Reflexology with Almescar
  • Bahian Hot Stone Massage with Almescar Oil or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Essential Oil of Ginger (option of Cinnamon, Rosemry, Lime, or Cloves)
  • Almescar Facial
  • Bahian Cacao Facial
  • White Clay Body Mask Lagoon Trip

Spa treatments can be scheduled for guests at any moment, or planned in advance such as our Bahian Wellness Experience.