June 02, 2015

UXUA RECIPE - the iconic Biribando salad


Portuguese explorers discovered Brasil just down the coast from Trancoso in 1500 and decided to settle (who could resist moving to Brasil even then...?), joining Native Americans already living in the area for millennia. Soon Jesuit missionaries followed and created their prototype new world village in Trancoso. Some 4 million African slaves were later brought to Brasil, and their strong will and traditions dramatically impacted the culture of the land as it became their new home, especially the state of Bahia through which almost all passed on arriving.

Add to this spectacular historic and ethnic mix a uniquely fertile soil and rich biodiversity, plus an odd circumstance particular to Trancoso, which is that for various reasons the colonial powers lost interest in the village after founding it. Thus it existed cut-off from the world for centuries, never growing, isolated and without even roads connecting it to the rest of Brasil. The town’s rediscovery in the 20th century was not made by developers or institutions, but by members of the counter-culture who arrived having heard about a forgotten utopia on the edge of the rainforest, a rustic hilltop village overlooking the ocean.

Thus the culinary traditions of Trancoso, at the time a pure form of centuries-old Bahian cuisine, spicey and rich, were infused by contemporary hippie tastes, international, light, healthy dishes.

Biribando Salad

UXUA’s biribando salad is inspired by this unique history, and takes its name from the nickname Trancoso natives gave to hippies arriving during the 70's: biribandos. The dish celebrates their vital role in shaping today's Trancoso.

This is one of the healthiest and popular dishes on our menu, featuring raw beetroot, raw carrot, and fresh coconut with a mellow seasoned yoghurt sauce infused with lime juice, topped by cashew nuts, and mint with black sesame seeds.

If you can't make it to UXUA today, give it a try at home, and if you want any more tips on its preparation we're happy to help, write us at: bemvindo@uxua.com


Salad: 1 medium carrot, 1 fresh coconut, 1 medium beetroot, 1 fistful of fresh leaves of mint, parsley, 1 fistful cashew nuts, 1 lime, salt & pepper and 1tbsp of black sesame.

Dressing: natural yoghurt, a fistful of fresh mint, parsley, 1 clove of garlic, salt and pepper.



1) cut the carrot, the beetroot and the coconut on a julienne cut

note: for the coconut is necessary to first unshell it, skin it, wash it and than cut it, and for those who might think cutting it is too hard its possible to use a shredder on it’s thickest side to make slender slices of coconut similar to the julienne cut

2) take a good-sized fistful of fresh leaves of mint and tear them using your own fingers instead of a knife

3) mince the parsley

4) crush the cashew nuts

note: the best result is to crush with a knife, but for anyone insisting to use a food processor then just a couple short bursts is enough, as its important not to grind the nuts too finely


5) take a medium size bowl

6) pour the container of yoghut

7) put the torn fresh mint

8) put 1 tbsp of the minced parsley

9) put the minced garlic

10) put 1 1/2 teaspoon of the salt and pepper

11) stir the whole thing together


12) take a medium size bowl

13) add the coconut, carrot, beetroot, mint, parsley, and cashew nuts inside

14) put 3 tbsp of the yoghurt dressing and press half of the lime inside

15) mix it all together using bare hands

16) put the salt & pepper (being careful to add just a little) and the sesame seeds

17) mix it again and taste to check the point of saltiness add more salt if needed according to taste)

18) serve while dreaming of the tropics