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1-suite • 35m² (380 FT²) • former ceramic atelier • soaring 5-meter ceilings • bathroom with interior garden • Antiques, Brazilian art and new pieces from the UXUA D.A.S. decor collection


Tucked into a cozy, nearly invisible corner of UXUA, this former ceramic atelier inspired a very creative restoration which is a tribute to the region's rich heritage in ceramics and design. Taking advantage of soaring, 5-meter high ceilings and a bathroom which opens to the sky, a surprisingly bright, spacious feeling permeates the suite and is accentuated by colorful decor.

Its prime location is right next to UXUA’s famous aventurine quartz pool and just a few steps away from the town-square, surrounded by busy local restaurants and lively neighbors.


Cerâmica manages to feel humble and spectacular at the same time. The sense of living in an old atelier is reinforced not only by the collection of ceramic pieces by talented Brazilian artists, but by the high ceilings and stained-glass sliding doors which have a very special origin story. They were reclaimed from a residence in nearby Niterói, the last beach-house designed by the iconic José Zanini Caldas, who like UXUA's Wilbert Das took inspiration from Bahian craftsmen and used them in his work.

“An old ceramics atelier with sage-green burnt-cement floors, hand-dyed antique linens and hanging beaded lamps”
ULTRATRAVEL by The Telegraph, UK


Thousands of small details executed with care give UXUA its identity. Furniture, decor, lighting and fixtures are one-of-a-kind, organic creations of designer Wilbert Das, handmade at the hotel by native artisans ranging from fishermen to Pataxó Indians. Antiques and art are sourced locally. International creatives living at UXUA have contributed via our Artist In Casa residency.