Seu Pedrinho

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Historic Quadrado's most spacious 1-bedroom casa • 135 m² (1450 FT²) • Quadrado view from every room • outdoor seating/dining available • private garden lounge off bedroom • KITCHEN


The much-loved Seu Pedrinho lived here, gaining fame over his lifetime for his bright personality and his enthusiastic contributions to Trancoso's annual religious celebrations. He was always the life of the party. His casa's brilliant magenta color was inspired by the area's oldest bougainvillea which grows out front with a rustic picnic table resting in its shade.


Its the largest one-bedroom casa on the Historic Quadrado, with an airy, bright interior no less colorful than its exterior. Accented with sleek black burnt-cement floors, each room offers a Quadrado view. Vast living area with deep sofas, open kitchen and dining room, bar, cozy private garden, two bathrooms – one with a double shower – and a spacious bedroom with canopy bed.

“UXUA’s interiors are organic, rustic, and sensual”
Travel & Leisure, USA


Thousands of small details executed with care give UXUA its identity. Furniture, decor, lighting and fixtures are one-of-a-kind, organic creations of designer Wilbert Das, handmade at the hotel by native artisans ranging from fishermen to Pataxó Indians. Antiques and art are sourced locally. International creatives living at UXUA have contributed via our Artist In Casa residency.