June 18, 2015

Trancoso Farm & Fish market

Even if local fisherman bring their catch to UXUA every morning (in fact we're founding sponsor of Trancoso's Fisherman's Association), and local organic farmers are in daily dialog with our cooks about what they're harvesting to deliver straight to our kitchens, we make a weekly visit to the Saturday morning market of fish and produce to take in its atmosphere and energy.

There's not a single aspect of this place imagined for consumption by tourists, its just a pure, chaotic but tranquil Bahian environment. And we love it. English is not spoken, but that will never stop a visitor from getting anything they need. Just point and smile and get ready to take home all variety of fresh flavors of the far south of Bahia.

We like to enjoy a juice made on-the-spot, fruit or sugar cane, and snack on freshly roasted peanuts or cashews while we shop. You're likely to hear music, singing, even some friendly shouting as things wind up by noon and everyone leaves. The work-week is over, and this being Trancoso the vast majority head off to the beaches to enjoy the weekend with their families.