June 27, 2015


The process to be shortlisted for a Best of the Best award from Virtuoso is rigorous, including voting from 16,000 agents of the the top 800 travel agencies of the world.

The Virtuoso Network selected UXUA in the category of Sustainable Tourism Leadership. This is our 3rd consecutive year listed, the only hotel nominated more than once since the award begain in 1992.

More and more travellers are concerned about staying at hotels which show commitment to their community and good environmental practices. Since our opening we’ve enjoyed support from such socially conscious vacationers, and this has given all our team a lot of pride and satisfaction. Its just an added reward to see groups like Virtuoso now recognizing our initiatives.

We’re only an 11-casa hotel in a remote part of the world, but our selection by Virtuoso proves that even small, local efforts can have a positive impact not just in the immediate community, but beyond. We want to give big thanks to all our team and everyone contributing every day to our efforts.

UXUA is a Trancoso story, totally local, and our ‘no growth’ strategy means never expanding from here. But we’ll always try to grow and evolve the ways we can integrate and give back to our community, using hard work, investment, and creativity.