Artisans work within UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa's gardens creating pieces for the UXUA D.A.S. collection, which started as a pure decor range and is now a total tropical lifestyle collection combining decor with fashion and accessories.

“Every day and a half, Wilbert Das produces one dress on the hand looms at his hotel in Trancoso. He’s embraced the slowness of this method — and a more leisurely pace in general.”
T Magazine, USA

Two antique wooden looms within the Atelier are responsible for the expanding range of woven wearables including kimonos and kaftans, created with organic cotton and dyes such as natural indigo from the hillsides of nearby Minas Gerais state.

An artisanal collection available for UXUA clients and private commissions. No two pieces are identical. Every object is made by hand, with a human story behind it, and comes infused with the energy of the magical place of Trancoso, Bahia.

Wilbert Das's youth was spent living close to nature on a farm in the Dutch countryside. He left to complete studies in fashion at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem and from 1988 - 2009 worked as a designer and creative director in partnership with some of Italy's largest fashion, textile, furniture and lighting companies.

UXUA was born in 2008 inspired by a love of travel and a chance visit to a remarkable corner of Brazil where industrial processes were never embraced, a tropical paradise called Trancoso from which its still possible to collaborate side-by-side with traditional artisans merging antique techniques with a deep-rooted sense of beauty.

Infused in every UXUA D.A.S. product is the wonder and joy of pursuing sustainable design in a timeless, harmonious setting where uniqueness and authenticity are valued above all.

SUNLIGHT VISION limited-edition sunglasses handcrafted from three different varieties of reclaimed wood and sustainably-sourced buffalo bone. Lenses by German supplier Zeis. Crafted in Trancoso, with hand-carved leather case by UXUA Artist in Casa Mark Inglis.

EARTH AND FIRE essential family of glazed and unglazed clay light features and vases.

CARRY ME series is inspired by a vital ritual of life in southern of Bahia: the walk to the beach. These bags, wallets and small leather goods are experiments in hand-craftsmanship, carving, dying, painting, and weaving on two antique looms.

WEFT AND WARP family of beach bags, totes, cushions, kaftans and scarves born of vintage linens sourced worldwide (Hungary, Italy, Africa.) Hand-dyed in indigo and organic pigments, including traditional katazome rice paste printing and dyeing techniques of Japan.

NATIVE GEOMETRY family of furnishings inspired by indigenous Indian graphic motifs realized in solid, three dimensional shapes of eucalyptus branches. Left without lacquer or polish, the wood preserves its texture and organic appeal.

SHAPED BY NATURE family of lighting and small furnishings inspired by organic forms such as birds nests, insect colonies, and trees, the creations are born by combining raw organic elements with traditional techniques like carving and weaving.

SECOND LIFE family features antique rural objects reborn with new functions; an old travel trunk transforms into a media-centre, military tents become cushions, a fishing boat finds new life as a king-size bed.

RURAL MODERN features organic materials like wood, leather, river reeds, vines and palm fibre combined with steel and other elements into unusual clashes of style - joined by rural, antique objects - beautifully modern, functional creations are born.