June 20, 2015

Chocolate is from the Americas !

No one knows where exactly in South or Central America cacao beans began being used to make chocolate, but archeologists have evidence that as far back as 4000 years ago chocolate in different forms such as fermented drinks was being consumed by royalty and used in religious ceremonies.

Chocolate-making is one of our favorite things to do in the kitchen, with the smell of sweet, roasting cacao beans filling the air it always feels like something good is about to happen... and it is! Guests love fresh, homemade chocolate, and sometimes can take home UXUA chocolate bars... about the only thing we stamp our name on (we're not crazy for logos as anyone who stays here can observe). Making chocolate is a pretty simple process, but does take work. The payoff however is huge, there really is nothing quite like very fresh chocolate.

We're lucky to have our own cacao trees, and if ever we need more beans we can get them from neighbors. But if you're living in another part of the world we'll give one tip, pay a little more for good raw organic beans from the Americas. Then you're not just eating quality, you're eating history.


- 300g of cocoa beans

- 300g of sugar

- 300g of milk


1) Put the beans in the oven to roast for two hours with a 150 degrees temperature

2) Unshell the beans

Note: you will need to skin the beans using bare fingers, trying not to break them

3) Grind the roasted beans in a food processor

Note: you might notice the natural oil inside the cocoa beans will start coming out.

4) Mix the beans with the sugar and the milk inside the blender for about 5 minutes

5) Pour the mixture on a open big pan on low fire and stir rigorously with a silicon spoon for about 20 minutes in clockwise sense until it’s think and slightly dusty

Note: stir the mixture keeping always the same direction and handle the spoon as if it was a paintbrush, with vigorous flicks turning the pan when necessary. This whole process will allow the chocolate to “breath”

6) Wait now for the hot thick chocolate (it’s gonna be very hot, resist dipping finger in for taste at this point!) to cool down then make the shapes you prefer with your 600g of chocolate, bars, cubes, chips, bonbons, hearts

7) Put in the freezer for about 1 1/2 hours, then its ready to eat !

Note: due to the absence of fat the chocolate does not melt, but anyway this 100% organic product should be stored in a refrigerator


During the stirring process you can add fruits, nuts or spices and create your own chocolate flavor. If you create something particularly unique write and let us know at bemvendo@uxua.com !