September 21, 2018


Trancoso’s first Organic Festival came together September 28-30, 2018 with the participation of one of our culinary heroes, Roberta Sudbrack from Rio, who joined Morena Leite of Capim Santo, our own Ju Pedrosa of Uxua Quadrado, Chico Anastasia of Restaurante Tartarugas, as well as chefs Patricia Helu and Thiago Medeiros.

The chefs were supported by some of Brasil’s most outstanding companies in organic development, along with local farms and countless restaurants and cafés, all committing to offer a variety of organic menu items during the 3-day event.

Trancoso is the perfect venue for expressing the organic movement, unlike the cutthroat competition in the world’s culinary capitals (where top chefs seem to have their knives ready not just for slicing ingredients, but each other), Trancoso’s food scene reflects the Bahian spirit, with cooking as a social event, collaborative and playful. Organic adoption is growing through chefs sharing ideas, joining with each other and suppliers to evolve our supply-chain out of concern for local biodiversity and ecological balance, and health of the community.

Uxua is looking forward to help make this an annual event every September in Trancoso !