May 23, 2015

Our ARTISANAL ICE CREAM. Local as it gets

Every day we collect fresh ingredients from our garden, fruits and berries, cacao, coconut, nuts, herbs and occasionally even a few hot peppers. We proceed to whip up micro-batches of spontaneous ice cream flavors (sorvete in Portuguese), all free of additives, flavourings, or colorants.

The tiny quantities last only a day or two, and when they're gone.... they're gone. Never repeated in exactly the same way twice. Guests staying with us awhile are invited to help invent a new flavor, choosing its ingredients and name. From this serendipitous approach has been born wonderful taste experiments. A few of our favorites:


Frequently we donate food for charity events, and nothing is more requested than our ice cream. Its a great chance also for us to use our creativity:

Casa Dona Frozina

Our sorveteria at the Historic Quadrado is in the former Casa Dona Frozina, once Trancoso's oldest resident. Casa dates back to the 1500's. Undoubtedly making this the oldest ice cream shop in the America's !


We're always creating ice cream sandwhiches and popsicles with new recipes. Recently we were inspired by a staple food we love of Brasil, tapioca, which we used to create a shell filled with our CASHEW CREAM & CAREMEL and our famed CACAO ice creams (made from cashew nuts of local farms and cacao beans of our garden). This double-dose of decadence is not the lightest treat on this week's menu, for sure, but with all the walking and activities one can do in Trancoso this can be a sweet reward.


For a totally fresh, healthy popsicle you can try making them UXUA-style, using fresh coconut water and pulp (ours using coconuts from our own garden) mixed with any fruits which inspire you. Some of our favourites are kiwi, strawberries, mango, and watermellon.